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DeltaForth File Builder is a GUI for the free DeltaForth .NET command line compiler, which is a particular implementation of the Forth programming language for .NET technology.
The DeltaForth compiler is produced by Valer Bocan and can be downloaded from

DeltaForth File Builder is a very simple GUI to create Forth source files with syntax highlighting and rapidly compile to exe or dll. It’s entirely written in Visual Basic 2005.

29 dec 2007 Update: replaced the installer with English setup, created with new CyberInstaller 2008

You can take a screen-shot by clicking here

It was created by some people who are Team Members of the Italian .NET community called Visual Basic Tips & Tricks (
Alessandro Del Sole (Project coordinator and programmer in chief);
Diego Cattaruzza (Project programmer and tester);
Sergio Pappalardo (Project tester and creator of the CyberInstaller Suite which is featured for the deployment)

Our community is officially recognized by MSDN, so we would be very proud if you come and visit us!

DeltaForth File Builder is an open-source project, which comes with full source code. It makes use of the ICSharpCode.TextEditor control by the ICSharpCode team. This control is released under the Gnu LGPL license, therefore DeltaForth File Builder is released under the Gnu GPL license (which is LGPL-compliant). Full source code for ICSharpCode.TextEditor is provided with the Builder.
DeltaForth File Builder’s source code implements a particular class library called DeltaForthFileBuilder.CompilerServices which provides managed access to the DeltaForth compiler. This class library is accompanied by a compiled help file which lets you learn how to use it in your own applications. This help file has been create with the SandCastle HelpFile Builder by Eric Woodruff.

The installer for this project features the CyberInstaller Suite by our Sergio Pappalardo.

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